African Materials Science and Engineering Network (AMSEN)

University of Botswana Node.





Coordinator: Prof. P K Jain, Physics Department

Ph (W): 355 2136, email:

Fax: 318 5097 (Attn. Prof. Jain, Physics)


Graduate Bursaries Opportunities in Materials Science and Engineering.


The African Materials Science and Engineering Network (AMSEN) is a network of five African universities, Universities of Botswana, Namibia, Nairobi, Wits University, South Africa and the Federal University of Technology, Akure, (FUTA), Nigeria. Each node of the network is managed by a Coordinator. Network is funded by a grant from the Carnegie – IAS RISE, USA. The aim of the network is to build capacity in the field of materials through MPhil and PhD training by offering bursaries for MPhil and PhD degree programs in materials science and engineering.

The University of Botswana Node of AMSEN offers both full and partial bursaries to full-time and part-time students respectively. A full bursary at the University of Botswana covers all fees payable to the University including accomodation, medical insurance cover under the BOMAID’s student-scheme and a personal allowance. Prtial bursary covers only the fees payable to the university excluding accomodation. Only projects on materials with potential engineering applications are considered. Projects on other materials and on theoritical aspets in material science and engineering may be considered by the Bursaries Committee on the merit of the project.

Students who have been accepted by the UB-Graduate School for admission to MPhil or PhD programe in relevant area in the Faculties of Science or Engineering and Technology are eligible to apply for a bursary. For further details of application procedure, and terms and conditions governing the bursaries, please contact the Coordinator of the UB Node of AMSEN. Contact details are given above. Applications which meet all the terms and conditions are considered by a Bursary Committee. Preference is given to citizen candidates.

(Prof. P K Jain)

February 21, 2011

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