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Environmental Science

Programme Coordinator: name (title) (email - substitute @ for AT), phone, location: building / room:
DIKINYA, O (DR.) [DIKINYAO AT], 355-4132, 236/206

MSc: Please be aware that the programme entails field work, laboratory work and computer analysis in some courses in Part I and in the mandatory research project in Part II. Applicants must make adequate financial and other provisions for these activities. Applicants who have completed a research project in their first degree in Environmental Science and/or a cognate subject have an added advantage.        

MPhil/PhD: Applicants should have competency in computer skills and in at least two of the following areas: GIS or Remote Sensing or Quantitative Techniques or Qualitative Techniques.  Admission preference is for applicants who have completed a Master’s degree by course work and dissertation in Environmental Science and/or a cognate subject.  Applicants should have discussion face-to-face or by e-mail with a potential supervisor in the department on the viability of their intended research project concept prior to submitting an application.