Rotary Club Award on Volunteerism 2010/11

Post date: Aug 26, 2010 7:33:18 AM


University of Botswana students are involved in voluntary activities both within their immediate University community and the wider community within the nation. Notable successes have been made over the years in this area, as exemplified by the first award recipient, Tshwaraganang Charitable Society, which has been building permanent structures for low income families in rural Botswana, or the recent year’s individual recipient, Andina T.W. Ramokate, a student in the Master of Education programme, who exhibited a range of voluntary activities, in particular, benefitting Orphans and Vulnerable Children. While these activities of societies and individuals have been recognised mainly through articles in the University Newsletter, most are not reported and therefore not celebrated enough to encourage other students to engage and excel in voluntary services.

Volunteerism is an important approach to national development. When motivated young people engage as volunteers, more is achieved at a lesser cost with significant dedication. Hence, volunteerism needs to be acknowledged and encouraged. The award on volunteerism aims to point out role models for others and to cultivate a culture of volunteerism at UB and BCA.

Rotary International ( is the world's first service club organization. Its more than 1.2 million members volunteer their time and talent to further the Rotary motto, Service Above Self. As one of five Rotary clubs in Botswana, the Rotary Club Gaborone [] and its nearly 50 members are involved in multiple charitable projects and decided in 2007 to recognize volunteer efforts by graduate students, graduate student groups, or student societies by sponsoring the Rotary Club Gaborone Award on Volunteerism (a Certificate of Recognition and 6,000 Pula) to be awarded in each academic year. Recognised efforts must be of benefit to either the University community and/or the wider community. Such volunteer efforts can be demonstrated in multiple ways, for example, by:

· Providing exceptional leadership,

· Demonstrating achievement in Arts and Culture,

· Bringing innovation and change,

· Demonstrating acts of courage, bravery and heroism,

· Demonstrating activities beyond the normal call of duty,

· Demonstrating values of honesty, integrity, compassion.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Use this form (download from the SGS website at:

· Applicants have to be graduate students, graduate student groups, or student societies at UB or BCA.

· Recipients are selected based on the information and recommendations provided in the application; shortlisted candidates might have to present at a Rotary Club meeting. Selection committee members are from Rotary, UB, and GSA.

· Please note: your application is not considered complete unless all application materials, including letters of

recommendation, are received by the stated deadline, incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed.

· Any violations of the rules below will also render your application incomplete.

· DEADLINE: All application materials must be received by Monday, 20th February, 2011.

· Application: Use a computer to complete your form and email the form to Answer all questions. Attach separate sheets when requested. Supplemental materials, such as resumes, certificates, newspaper clippings, event programs, or pictures may be submitted (scanned or in hardcopy); submissions will not be returned.

· QUESTIONS: MAJOR emphasis is placed on this section of the application. Your answers should thoroughly describe and explain your experiences in relation to volunteerism, to enable the committee to evaluate your eligibility for selection.

· Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation (including telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses of recommenders) are required (see form below). It is recommended that one should be from an on-campus person. The other should be from a community person you have worked with through your service work or a beneficiary of your services. Both letters must be current and may not be from a relative. The letters must be confidential. Ask your recommenders to return the recommendation to you in a sealed envelope with his or her signature written across the seal.

· Submit the application form on-line, mail in letters of recommendation and supplemental materials to address above, or hand-deliver to the School of Graduate Studies, Building 232, before the end of deadline.

Application Form

Please make sure your responses are typewritten.

Name: ____________________________________________ UB Student Number: __________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________

If this is a Nomination, Nominator’s Name: ________________________________________________________

Nominator’s Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________

Nominator’s Phone #: ________________________________________________________________________

Nominator’s E-mail: _________________________________________________________________________


1. Please describe your community service.

a) What did you do with the community? Describe the service activities.

b) Who did you assist in the community? Describe the people assisted (agency or community organization)

and provide the approximate number of people served.

c) Give the dates when the service activity started and ended.

d) Approximately how many total hours did you devote to these activities during the year?

2. How did either your community service benefit the community?

3. What did you gain from your community service?

Place all items into one sealed envelope

Make sure that your name is written clearly on the front of the envelope



Please submit 2 letters of recommendation from people who are familiar with your community work.

Please make sure to include contact information for each person.


Photos, letters of support, etc. may be attached, but will not be returned.


Name __________________________________________________________________________________

Position and Organization (if applicable) _______________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________


In your opinion, why does the nominee deserving this award? Describe in detail the volunteer service rendered, which local organizations and agencies were involved, when it was rendered, the degree of involvement, and the time commitment involved. Use additional sheets if necessary. Letters supporting the nomination, news clippings, and other relevant materials are welcome, but will not be returned.

Nominations must be received by Monday, 20th February, 2011. Mail/deliver to address above.

Call for Applications or Nominations